A downloadable game for Windows


I uploaded a new version (BlownAway 1.2.zip) which tweaks the controls a bit. The original version had a system where the player would have to decelerate for a few frames before turning around when changing direction. This one takes out that deceleration time. Also, the acceleration rate has increased. I think it is a little less annoying this way!


This is a game I made for Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam 2016


This is my first completed game! It was probably more fun to make than to play. It was programmed in c++ using SDL for the graphics and sound


I learned how using the lazyfoo game dev tutorials


I drew the main character, and I played all the music. The winds sounds and all other art I got from http://opengameart.org

Thanks to the Thumbs and the forum community!

Install instructions

Just download and unzip all the files into the same directory.


BlownAway 1.2.zip 6 MB
BlownAway.zip 6 MB